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How to set color codes for priorities


Is there any option available to set color codes for each priority from priorities menu. Is should be same like we have background colors for test results.


Hi Yogesh,

Thanks for your post! Currently the Priority customizations wouldn’t include adding color codes for this. That said, we’re happy to review this as feature request for a future update. Hope this helps!



Is it possible to apply background colors for priorities with the help of UI scripts ?

If yes, please help us with the code.


Hi Yogesh,

Thanks for your reply! It generally might be possible to implement something like this via UI script, however we haven’t tested this specifically and don’t have any examples of this type of script as it would likely be very difficult to implement with the many places priorities are visible. If you have HTML, JS, and CSS experience, you can use our UI scripts documentation as a guide to creating/testing your own script:

Hope this helps!



My team has just suggested this too, any more feed back if this is a possible enhancement and when it might be available.