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How to select custom fields when creating a new project?


When creating a new project, there are 3 tabs to complete, Project, Access, Integration but no way to define the custom fields to apply to that project. The only way I can see to do this is by opening each custom field defined in the system under the admin->customizations menu and add a new project to use that custom field. I need to add 6-8 custom fields per project which makes it easy to forget to add a field and is somewhat cumbersome.

Is there a better way to select custom fields when setting up the project, from a project perspective rather than a custom field perspective?



Hello Tom,

Thanks for your posting! You would need to configure the custom field mappings under Administration > Customizations but we are happy to look into simplifying this for your use case with a future version. That said, you can alternatively also configure the custom fields to apply to all projects and you wouldn’t need to add the fields to every new project in this case (via the These options apply to all projects option).

I hope this helps!



Hi Tobias
Thanks for the quick reply. We have two halves of the business and many different team that are all using the tool in different ways so no fields are all global in nature.
A project view custom field selector would be good when creating a new project.


Thanks for the additional details, Tom! We will make sure to look into this for a future version, I can certainly see why this would be great to have.



Hello @tgurock,

I see no activity on this thread after Sep 2015. Is this being considered for future releases?
It would be a great benefit to have custom tag to add few details to each project - so that each project can be tagged to release, few of them to certain clients etc…