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How to see the spent time of a user for testing



I’m looking for a possibility to see how much time a user as spent to execute tests.

As far as I see, the Workload Summary report shows me the estimate/forecast of a user, which includes untested tests, plus the number of tests - which is ok per se, but I like to see how much time one has used for this test.

So like “for all tests one has added results, sum up the time spent”

I assume this is not possible in the ui, but via the API, right ?


Hi Andreas,

Thanks for your posting. The Workload report shows the number of open tests (todos) and is useful to determine the current workload (especially in combination with the Todo page). The find out the past activity of users, you can use the Results > Property Distribution report, grouped by the Tested By property. If you track the elapsed times, you can also add the Elapsed/Elapsed All columns to the test tables.

I hope this helps!



Thanks for this - this worked.


Great to hear that, happy to help :slight_smile: