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How to search test cases within Steps field?



I’m trying to search within the “Steps” field of all my test cases for some keywords. I don’t see a way to do this. Is it possible? I see a related question on this board where it’s not possible to search within separated steps, but I do not have my TestRail instance set up this way.



Hi Jeff!

You can search for steps or parts of the steps via the search box at the top of the screen (when in a project). This wouldn’t be possible with the separated steps field currently but the standard text-based steps field is fully supported in this case.



Didn’t see that box. Thank you - this does the trick!


Great to hear that and thanks for the update! :smile:




What about searching in separated steps? Most of my cases have separated test steps, and I had no idea searching through them was not possible! Do you plan to add this feature? If not, you should warn the users before they start with separated test steps that there will be no search option. If I had known that, I wouldn’t start using this feature…

Best regards,


Hi Ania,

Thanks for your feedback! Yes, it’s planned to add search support for steps and I’m happy to add another vote. That said, I would say that the search is only occasionally used in TestRail and typical workflows wouldn’t usually involve the search (that’s also the reason why we’ve focused on other things in the past, such as very efficient support to go through your tests with the three-pane view for example: Do you have an example on why the search is so important to you? There may be better alternatives to searching the steps (e.g. adding a separate custom field with “tags” or similar).




I’m having the same issue “search within separated steps”.

Use case 1: We are having test cases in different area\suite that’s duplicate and trying to search within the steps to see which are those.
Use case 2: Doing search in the steps to ensure there are no gaps or missing cases.
Use case 3: Do quick regression\smoke based on certain\specific steps.

Especially for managers\leads, they rely on the search heavily to perform their duty.
Hopefully we get that feature soon, +1 vote for me.




Thanks for your reply and feedback! We do still have plans to improve the search feature overall, including adding support for searching within the separate steps field. I’ve also added your vote and feedback to this feature request as well. As an alternative, you can also look into exporting your test cases via XML/Excel/CSV, and this would allow you to use the built-in find & replace feature within whichever editor you use for these. This could at least speed up the time it takes to search for what you need, and then jump back into TestRail to make any changes as needed.

Hope this helps!




Thanks for looking into this.
Our test cases are growing rapidly and going to reach into the thousands soon, therefore exporting to csv\excel doing a search then edit, not going to feasible.

Anyways, just want to know if there’s a timeline\ETA when the “search within separate steps” going to be available and if there’s any chance\way to make this a priority in the next coming changes.



Hi Philip,

Thanks for your reply! We currently don’t have a timeframe/ETA that we could provide for this feature. I’ve passed your feedback on to our team, and we’re happy to review this for a future version.



I vote for this feature as well. It would be nice to search all projects at once rather than one at a time. Being able to search any fields would be good as well, such as title, steps, expected result, etc… One work flow for this is when we have been configuring our tests, we might put a note like “needs new screen shot”. Then, later we could search for all those tests that need new screen shots. I would rather not set up a checkbox for this type of note because the note isn’t a permanent part of the test but rather a reminder for us to go back and update the test.


The ability to search for keywords within step-by-step scripts is key for us! We have uploaded all our manual tests and a lot of steps within scripts have ‘TBC’ as the functionality is evolving. I now discover there is no way for me to search for ‘TBC’ and return all test cases containing it?


Hi, I would also like to request the search in test case steps feature, because using TestRail without it is very painful and inefficient. For example there is no way for us to easily search all test cases covering/using/mentioning a feature (key word) that has changed so some test cases need an update. Is my understanding correct that in the two years since this request was reported here there is no progress and no timeline regarding this feature? Would this search be possible via the API? We are considering using direct database queries or daily exports of all test cases because of this search not being available. Thank you for your time and support.


Hi all, who still misses this feature.
I have implemented solution by my own and put it into git hub -> a month ago.
So you can use it as an alternative for missing native solution in TRail meanwhile. We use it in our team and it is enough for us so far.
Have a nice day.


This is disappointing. I see people have been asking for what I see as pretty basic functionality for 2 years. Why has this been sitting in your backlog for that long? It seems like a deficiency in your product to me.


Add another vote for me. Such a needed feature, with previous posts having explained the motivation well, so no new words from me.