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How to search for text within test suites across projects


I need to be able to search for text within test suites across multiple projects - is this possible?

Even within a project the search only seems to pick up text in the test title, not in the steps or expected results. Is this usual or am I not doing something right?


Hello Kate,

Thanks for your posting! The search always applies to one project but this would also include the standard text fields such as Steps or Expected Result. The separated steps field (multi-steps) is currently not part of the search but it’s already planned to support this field as well in the future.



Quick question regarding this.

I have 2 suites
Suite 1: Functional
Suite 2: Non functional

Containing alot of test cases, if I want to search for specific testcases (search by title ex. “As a customer I would like to…”)

Is there some way I can get the result based on a search in both suites at once, or can I only search in 1 suite at the time?

When I in the Search field type “As a customer I” I expect to get a list of testcases but I get the following:



I would recommend using the Title filter in this case and search each suite separately:



Okay I will try that.
Just fyi:

If I try and search the same way on another project, I get a result.

The only difference between these two projects, is that the one that gives me the error I’ve importet the test cases via a CSV file. The one with a result I made manually.



You can also use the project search with the other project and the error you posted in the previous screenshot just mentioned that your search terms were too short. So, if you search for as customer instead, you would also find results. I was just mentioning the suite search because the project search searches the entire project and also includes non-case results.



Can I add my vote for this functionality. We use separated steps so the search function is limited.


Thanks, John, added to the list.



Hi, Has this feature been implemented? We use multi-steps in our test cases, and the current search feature is very limited.


Thanks for your posting, @srau. This feature is not yet available but I’m happy to add another vote, thanks for your feedback!