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How to search for all test cases based on Priority?


How can I do a search for all test cases which has a priority = ‘4-Must Test’?


Hi Dan,

Thanks for your posting. You can group test cases by priority on a test suite page (via the dropdown in the sidebar) and thus see all your test cases of that suite grouped by priority. We also want to add a filtering feature for the test case selection to the next update. Other than that we would like to see this better supported via the built-in search in a future TestRail update.



Hi Dennis,

Thank you for a quick replied. I am not seeing a drop down list in Test Suite page at all.



Hi Dan,

My apologies, I got this wrong and this is of course only available on the test run page at the moment. The next TestRail update will allow you to group/sort by columns (such as the test case priority) on the test suite page though.



Quick question regarding this.

I have 2 suites
Suite 1: Functional
Suite 2: Non functional

Containing alot of test cases, if I want to search for specific testcases (search by title ex. “As a customer I would like to…”)

Is there some way I can get the result based on a search in both suites at once, or can I only search in 1 suite at the time?

(Atm I cant see any other way than searching in one suite at the time)



Thanks for your posting. You can search for the cases per test suite and the Title filter:

You would need to search both suites separately, or look into using the project search (but this is not limited to test cases only).