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How to save test plans/ test runs for future use


how to save test plans/ test runs for future use?
for example my test run included multiple test cases filter , so I want to save this filter or to save whole test run . so opening new test run o want to select saved filter in one click or just open saved saved test run and edit its title

how can I do it ? it its possible ?



Hi romang,

If you have a test run/plan that you would like to repeat using the same set of test cases simply use the “Rerun” button that is near the top right. You can rerun any test run/plan regardless of it being open or closed, so long as it is not deleted.




I can rerun it under different name? connected to different milestone ?
I can rerun it even the run/plan is closed . if not this feature not meeting my demands



yes, yes and yes :slight_smile:

All possible

Rerun basically creates a new test run with the settings from the previos run, but you can specify all elements again (name, milestone etc) and even change the tests in case some new shall be included or some became obsolete.

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ok ,thanks . you are solved my issue



Thanks for the reply bygones, you were spot on.