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How to retrieve test execution date of a test from a run using API

I have a use case to report the number of test cases executed on a day in a given run, and I was trying to retrieve it using API. response content doesnt have test execution date.
I would like to retrieve “tested_on” date that we see in test rail runs.

Is there a way to get the data using API.

Hi @sowmya.sasanapuri,
the execution date is stored at the result for the test - as the created_on field.
Either you get the results for the seleted test or (preferred) you directly get all results for the run in once using get_results_for_run.
The list-view of the run shows the latest result (afair), the API will deliver all of the results for the each test.

Hi Kwirth,
Thanks for the pointers. I will try it.