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How to restrict TestRail projects that a Jira user can see


I think my question boils down to: Can you configure TestRail projects to Jira projects?

One example of behaviour I see currently with our trial set-up is that any Jira user can click on the TestRail’s icon in Jira’s vertical-left toolbar, and they are presented with TestRail’s ‘Dashboard - All Projects’ view. We definitely wouldn’t want all users in Jira to see all TestRail projects.

More specifically, I clicked on TestRail’s icon from inside a specific Jira project. It would be especially great to only see related TestRail projects - so instead of the ‘Dashboard - All Projects’ view, I would love to get a 'Dashboard - your TestRail projects related to Jira project ’ view . Sometimes there could be a 1-1 mapping, sometimes many to one (e.g. several TestRail projects of interest to one Jira project) but it will never be All to All.

Slight disclaimer: This is my debut post! I am heading up a test team + few other agile project stakeholders interested in buying the tool. We are also quite new to Jira so apologies in advance, I’m hoping the answer is already out there!


Hi Simon,

Thanks for your posting! You can configure this via TestRail’s project permissions in TestRail. For example, to hide projects for select users from the dashboard (and deny the access to these projects), you can set the project access for those users to No Access:

This would use the project permissions and no direct mapping between JIRA and TestRail projects but is still useful if some users don’t need to see/have access to some projects.

I hope this helps!




Is there a way we can restrict access to TestRail projects from JIRA to users that don’t have a testrail account? Right now we only have TestRail accounts for the QA team but we have Biz users created on JIRA so the business team can access and post comments, ideas, etc to their projects but we don’t want Biz User 1 to see testrail project for Biz User 2 and vice versa.



Hi Lilia,

Thanks for your posting! When giving access to JIRA users to TestRail, every person needs a dedicated TestRail user account. So you have full control over the projects your users are able to view/access and can configure this on a per user level. You can control this in TestRail’s administration area under Administration > Users & Roles: