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How to require capture of data for a particular Test Step


I have configured the “Step Results” field to be “Test Case (Steps)” type.

During test execution, I want to require that when a particular step is executed (let’s say Step 17), that the tester must record (input) a bit of data displayed by the device they are testing - is this possible?

I know I could ask (but not require, I think) that the tester enter this information in the Comment field, but this would not require them to do this.

Any input/advice would be appreciated.


This post Attach text or excel to expected result does help somewhat in that could attach the data captured as text or .XLS/XLSX or .CSV file.

My request is simpler - just to capture a text value (for example force entry of a data reading shown on the screen, say a temperature value, or position sensor’s output (123.45 mm). I know as a work-around that I can have tester do a screenshot of the value and attach that, but that’s multiple key-presses/mouse-clicks (generally takes more time).

In the future, it’d be heavenly to do some math operations on such values (e.g,. value-entered-Step-7 minus value-entered-Step-16, and if greater than XXX, then test fails). I could do such math operations when test cases were maintained in Excel - this is one of the few capabilities we lost in moving to TestRail.