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How to report only the most recent results from multiple test runs?

We have it set up so that we have a separate test run for each release candidate. Is there any way to generate reports that only include the results for the most recent test run?
RC1 : Tests A, B, C, D, E but test C, D fails
RC2 : Tests A, C, D because we know units in B and E are untouched. D still fails
RC3 : Tests D

In this case, we want the final report to reflect the results of Tests B, E (RC1), Tests A, C (RC2) and Test D (RC3). Is this possible? Obviously we can manually piece together results if we just have 5 runs but we have hundreds so this is not feasible.

We do not want to include results from prior test runs because as a summary report for management, it just ends up confusing them if they see a fail result from earlier test.

I know we have a field in our results where we can record the version so one option is just to simply have a single test run and we add the results for each test case with a new version. However management also wants to know “What did we test in RC1?” and this is not a question that seems easy to answer if we have only single test run.

Hey there,

Thanks for the post! Can you let me know which summary report you’re using? For setting up a run that details results for only specific runs, you can use the Runs (Summary) report, which will allow you to choose which runs to include, either by a filter like date completed, or with specific values, or to manually select which runs to be included. By default, all reports will only show the most recent result recorded for each test in a run.

I hope that helps!