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How to report on test cases not associated with test runs


How do I generate a report that shows me which test cases have not been included in any test run?


Hello Aaron,

Thanks for your posting! You can use the Results > Comparison for Cases report from the Reports tab in this case and this look as follows:

This report supports one or more test runs and generates a side-by-side comparison for your cases. A column/cell includes the status per case/run combination and is empty for a case if the case is not included in the test run. The Latest column on the right is the combination/coverage across all runs and is empty for a case if it’s not included in any of the test runs.

I hope this helps!



Is there a way to run the above report JUST for test cases not in test runs? Once there are a lot of test runs, that will be a lot of scanning with the naked eye


Hello Kimm,

Thanks for your posting! That’s currently not possible but we are happy to look into this. You can always find the overall status (Latest/Coverage) in the right-most column so you wouldn’t need to scan all test runs.