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How to remove "Type" and "Priority" fields from new template


I’ve created special information test case template, which I am planning to use in other test cases to provide common information.

I have removed all results fields, because these type of test cases will not be involved in a test run, but I cannot remove Type and Priority fields (see attached screenshot).
Is there a way to remove these fields from a template?


Hi DKim,

Type and Priority are required fields in TestRail and always visible but you can simply assign meaningful defaults so users can simply ignore those fields.



How I can assign defaults to Type and Priority fields.
These fields are hidden on all customization screens.


The Type and Priority fields can be configured on Administration > Customization below the custom fields.

I hope this helps!



Changed defaults for Type and Priority in this place will affect all test cases.

In my opinion, it will be nice to specify defaults for these fields and probably for other fields too on Template level, i.e. Administration > Customizations > Template > Case Fields and maybe Results Fields as well.


Thanks for your feedback, DKim! Changing Type and Priority values/defaults would affect all projects/templates currently (I believe it’s the same for JIRA, for example).