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How to remove testrail module from JIRA Issue View?


Hey guys,

Our QA team is using testrail and I was wondering if it’s possible to hide this module from certain issue types or from certain user groups? A bunch of developers are complaining about bloat in the issue view.



Hi Ovidiu,

Thanks for your posting. Yes, depending on the JIRA edition (Server vs. Cloud), you can enable the plugin for select user groups and/or projects only. This can be configured in JIRA’s administration area (“Manage add-ons”):

The JIRA Cloud version only supports projects (not user groups) because of some limitations with the add-on platform but JIRA Server supports both projects and user groups.



That’s perfect, Tobias, thanks a lot. I was looking for TestRail to have a configuration page on the left side along with the other addons, that’s why I couldn’t find this page.


Hi Ovidiu,

Great to hear this helps :slight_smile: