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How to remove duplicate defects?


One of my test run includes two defects listed out for same bug,Is there any way to remove one of them from JIRA TestRail: Results?


I am not an export on this but to me it seems you cant. As you link same defect with different failed test cases.


1st and 2nd test cases in the attachment are exactly same, I just wanna delete one of them but there seems no way :frowning:


Hi Sdahal,

Thanks for your post! The TestRail: Results section in JIRA would show all results related to the linked test case, and this is done by design. This just shows that multiple results have been entered for this test, and it wouldn’t be possible to remove a specific result from the results section. This is useful to see additional details specific to each result (e.g. there may be different comments or attachments on each result that mention why the test failed, or a different step could have failed for each separate result, etc). You can see the additional details by expanding the results (by clicking the arrow to the far right of the result). Hope this helps!