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How to recovery deleted test suite


Hi everyone! I delete test suite by mistake. Is it possible to cancel my changes?
What should I do? Thanks!


below is the only way to fix the issue for a cloud instance:


This is I need! Thank you )


Thanks for the post! As @BGanger pointed out the best way would be to reach out to our support team directly at with your instance details and we’ll be happy to help restore the data.


Hi @jacob.scott!
Our test database is restored from backup )
It’s so perfect that you make backups every day!

Thank you for help!


Thanks BGanger for the thread, was looking for the same to keep it bookmarked for future assistant.



Hi Vera and Gurdi,

Our daily backups are very helpful, if you ever need it message us at Keep in mind we can currently only perform full database restores and any changes made will be lost. Which is why we also have a feature request to add a trashcan like model. I will add your vote to this feature request which helps us prioritize internally, but we do not currently have a target date for this feature release.