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How to recover deleted test suites


My intern has deleted a test suite, is there any chance to recover it? Thanks.



Thanks for your posting. There’s no direct way to undo the test suite / case deletion unfortunately and recovering the test cases would mean restoring a backup. Do you use a TestRail installation on our servers ( or do you use a self-hosted installation? If it’s on our servers, we are happy to look into restoring a backup for you and please contact us via email at for this. If it’s a self-hosted installation, you would need to look into restoring a backup yourself but we are happy to help in case you have any questions. You can find the backup and restore documentation here:



Thank you for your quick response. Issue was resolved.


Thanks for the update and good to hear that!



Hello @tgurock,
The same thing happened to me today.
There was a lot of test cases and it would be impossible to write them again.
Is it possible to have a chat or something like that with you, just to check if there is any possibility on recovering this suite.
Thank in advance,