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How to push Description-type info to a customfield in JIRA


Currently, it seems that we can only push %tests:comment%, %tests:details% information to the default Description field in JIRA.

We would like to push this description-related data to another custom field in JIRA.

We’ve configured the custom field like so:


label=New description custom field

but it’s unclear how to set the template for that particular customfield.
I can only see capability to set the template for the, supposedly, default JIRA description field.

thanks for your help.


Hi Rami,

The template only applies to the default Description but it’s planned to make this available for other fields as well. Happy to add another vote to this feature request and thanks for your feedback. Can you use the default Description field in addition to your custom description?



Hi Tobias,

well in our case, we need people to create issues using a non-default “description” field (a custom field), and we have a postfunction in JIRA that copies the values (and enhances them) into the default Description field.

So we were hoping that TestRail would follow the same, by creating issues and adding description info into that custom field. The postfunction in JIRA takes care of the rest.

Perhaps you have a workaround until that feature is available in TestRail ? Otherwise, I’m afraid we have to disallow people from creating defects from TestRail, unless we rework the whole workflow in JIRA.

any help would be appreciated.




Hi Rami,

You can use the custom description field and disable the built-in field but this wouldn’t support the defect templates currently. It’s planned to make the templates available to other fields as well but that’s currently not supported unfortunately and only for the built-in description.