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How to pull a report for Test Case coverage with the requirement


I am new to TestRail, and looking some help in terms of different kind of out of the Box reports or how can i customize report. I am struggling to pull Traceability report. My Company is using TestRail as Test Management Tool where we are creating all the test cases in it, Creating Test Suite for each sprint and also also executing test cases and Status update.
Jira we are using for the Requirement capturing and Defect Management along with planning.
My Team is creating test cases and mapping these with Jira Requirement Ticket. I want to pull a Traceability Report but I don’t have any idea how to pull that report. Please help me to pull this report ASAP.

Ajit Singhal


Hi Ajit,

Thanks for your posting. Do you use the References field on the test case level to link your test cases to JIRA issues? If so, you can use the Cases > Coverage for References report from the Reports tab and this report was specifically designed to show the coverage for requirements/user stories.

By default, this report will only include the JIRA issues that are already in the system (linked via the References field) but you can also use a custom issue list. For example, you can generate the list of JIRA issues you are interested in and copy this over to TestRail to see their test case coverage.



Hi Tobias,

Can you please provide the steps to use custom issue list? How to generate the list of JIRA/GITBUG issues we are interested in and copy this over to Testrail to see their testcase coverage report?


Hi Anjanaki,

Thanks for your reply! TestRail’s Coverage reports would only report on issues that have already been linked to test cases via the References field, and wouldn’t be able to pull the full list of issues from the external system in order to check that each issue has a test case associated to it. We would recommend using TestRail’s Coverage reports under the Reports tab and comparing this to a list of issues from your external systems manually in order to view the full traceability. Hope this helps!



How come Tobias says that you can and then Marco says that you cannot?

Can we do as Tobias suggested and, “For example, you can generate the list of JIRA issues you are interested in and copy this over to TestRail to see their test case coverage.”?

Please confirm and provide appropriate steps.




Hi Alex,

What Tobias was mentioning is that you could gather a list of the references in JIRA (or any issue tracker for that matter) and then when you are configuring your report, paste that list into the “The following references only” field of the report. The report would then include those references in your report.

Let me know if that makes sense.


Hi, I am new to TestRail and have some concerns about the “Coverage for Reference” report
So, I have a test suite (69 cases) having 3 test runs (63, 64, 64 test cases each)
When I created the Coverage for references report, i included all references in that particular test suite.
My queries are:

  1. Does the report includes data for all three test runs here?
  2. The cases w/o references would be all the test cases having no reference in the test suite or it would accommodated only test cases without references in my test runs?
  3. The bar graph generated, shows the no. of test cases having no coverage and some having coverage where as the pie chart shows 100% coverage which is actually not the case.
    Ill attach a screenshot of the graph for references.

Can someone help me in understanding the graph/report generated?