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How to print selected test cases

Hello Friends,

can you please let me know how can I print selected test cases / multiple test case/ or single suite?


Should be able to use the printer icon to print any of those out:

Suite level below:

Case level below:

Not sure there is a way to print multiple cases - I think it would need to be a report based on a reference or status I think.

I tried to print a test suite but all the tests (test suites) got printed.
can you please explain how to print only one test suite?


In the picture of a Project above with 3 Test Suites, each containing Test Cases for each suite. If you click in any of the Test Suites to get into the suite and choose the printer icon, it will print the cases for that specific suite.

thanks again for you help.

i got to the print page and the first test suite will appear with other suites.

and will be printed.

Am I missing something?

thanks , moshe

Those look to be sections within the specific Suite. It is printing all of the test cases in the Suite.

can we print section from the suite? several/ multiple test cases?

Hello 3baseios,

Thank you for posting! As Bganger mentioned, the image you have attached in your most recent post is showing a print report with multiple sections from the same suite. When using the print option, TestRail currently includes all of the test cases from the suite as this report does not allow users to select a single section or individual test cases at the moment. We are happy to review adding support for this in a future update. We have received this request before and I have added your vote to our feature request for this. That said, we are not able to provide a specific timeframe/ETA for this yet.

In the meantime, it would be possible to leverage the TestRail API to pull only test cases from a specific section. You could then post process this data as needed to build a report. You can learn more about using the TestRail API on our website here:

I hope this helps!