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How to print Detailed Passed only tests?


Hi, we are trying to print all the latest passed case in detail as a pdf using print.

How can we do it?



Hi Tony,

Thanks for your post! The print/PDF report options would always include the full list of tests/test cases, and wouldn’t allow for setting filters (e.g. for status or other details). That said, we’ve received the request to add filtering options to these reports before, and we’re happy to review this for a future update. In the meantime, you can use the summary reports under the Reports tab as these would allow you to set a filter on the tests that are included in the report via the Tests tab in the report options. Hope this helps!



Thanks. We have explored the summary under the report. It does not suit what we want.

We would like to print a detail report on the latest result for regulatory submission, including steps, result with screenshoot and the tool doesn’t seem to allow us to filter out all the history run or unrelated cases and print. It makes reporting a lot more manually involved for us.

It would be great if you can consider to add a filter option to the detail print in the future.