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How to not allow test script changes unless they are approved


Is there a setting to not allow script changes unless they are approved?



Not that I’ve seen, I’d love this feature for my company. While I know there’s a history, I want our PO’s / BA’s and Devs to read our TC’s before they are approved… That way we all ensure we are thinking along the same lines.


Hi Merv,

Thanks for your post! There isn’t a built-in approval system for this, however you can create your own custom field that could help manage this. We would recommend using e.g. a dropdown field with preset value options of Pending, Approved, etc., and this would help with filtering test cases that aren’t approved yet (especially when creating test runs). You could also add a custom user picker field that could work as an ‘assignee’ field for reviewers that need to update the custom approval status field of a test case. This is how we’ve seen many customers accomplish this, however we do plan to look into a built-in approval system as well for a future version to TestRail. Happy to add your votes to that request as well.

Hope this helps!