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How to narrow down useres on costume field type "Users"?

I added a “User” type costume field to a specific project but the users drop down list is too long ( we have around 150 users and this project is only 15 users)
Is there a way to limit that costume field to show just the users of the that project\ group ?

Best Regards

Hey there,

Thanks for the post! There currently isn’t a way to filter down the users presented in the User field type, although that is a great idea, and one that I’ve reported to the development team to explore in future updates.

For now, depending on the scope and number of users in the field you need, you may be able to use a traditional drop-down or multi-select field, and then add the specific users as options that you want to be included.


Creating users costume drop down list is not the best idea since project manager doesn’t have admin access and this will force TestRail admin to maintain it (its a big project, around 30 people)

We will wait for the full feature to be implemented.

Thanks for your fast replay,