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How to Move test cases between different Suites in the same project



  • Suite1
    • Section
  • Suite2
    • Section
      • SubSection
        -Move HERE


Hello Pradeep,

Thanks for your posting. You can copy or move test cases across suites (within the same or multiple projects) with the Copy/Move Test Cases dialog:

Just go to the target suite/project, open the dialog (by clicking on the icon with two sheets of paper) and select the source suite and cases to copy/move. Please note that moving your test cases across suites will remove tests & results in all active test runs of the source suite for the moved cases so you might want to consider closing the test runs/plans first, or copy the cases instead of moving them.



I’ve seen several postings about this but it still seems to be a problem when moving test cases. Here are my steps. Please let me know what I’m doing wrong as I’m just losing work each time I do this.

I am in Project “Processing”
I have Test Suites “Logs” and “Metrics”
I want to move a few of the test cases from “Logs” to “Metrics”
The test cases in “Logs” have “Completed” test results with them

When I attempt the move from “Logs” to “Metrics”, I get the dialog:
“Moving the test cases will remove all their test results in active test runs (test results are not moved). This cannot be undone. Continue?”
I select Yes/OK.
I open the test cases that were moved.
The results are not there.
(I would include a screenshot but I’m a new user and only allowed 1).


I think I just figured it out. The result(s) will not be listed with the test case(s) - they will only appear in the closed out test run.


Hi Michelle,

Thanks for your reply! Yes, moving test cases from one suite to another would disassociate the test case from the closed test run (as the test run is tied to a specific test suite in the database). That said, you would still be able to view the test result history from the original test run as long as you closed this before moving the test suite. TestRail would automatically duplicate and archive the test case when closing a test run so that its contents are immutable if the linked test case is changes/deleted/moved. So this would always be preserved and you would find this in the closed test run if you need to view this. Hope this helps!