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How to Move/Re-organize Test Suite Folders


It seems that when I add a new section, it’s automatically placed at the bottom of the list. Is there a way to sort folder, or at least move them, other than adding them as sub-folders to an existing folder? This seems like very basic functionality, so I’m very surprised I cannot find any topic already covering this anywhere.


Simply stating it can be done is not a good reply. You should provide instruction on how to accomplish it.
Is this the normal quality of responses on this forum?


You should have since your replies have contributed nothing, and wasted people’s time. But instead you posted a second time without example, and referred to posts without linking to them. I hope your job doesn’t require you to ever explain anything to anyone else, or you’re doomed.

Rather than leave other users with similar issue reading these useless replies I will answer my own thread as I’ve figured it out. Within a Test Suite there is a sections bar on the right. Select the folder you want to move with your mouse, and drag it to the location you want to move it to. You will see an arrow between the folders. Depress the mouse button and select Move Here. UI is a bit confusing as it looks like you may be adding it as a sub-folder, but that only happens if the arrow is pointing directly at another folder.


Hello Adrian,

Brian is contributing to this forum in his spare time and has helped others voluntary with really good answers many times. I can no longer see Brian’s answers in this thread (now withdrawn by Brian) but I’m sure his intentions were only the best and your response is not a nice way of treating other users here in this community forum …

That said, happy to help with your question: the Add Section button in the sidebar on the right always adds new sections to the end of the list. You can simply reorder sections via drag & drop in the sidebar. You can alternatively also add sections as subsection directly to the target section on the left-hand side of the page via the small Add Subsection link below a section.

I hope this helps!



Hi Tobias,

Everyone in forums contributes in their spare time, Brian is simply following the rule in that case. Regardless of intentions, I’ve never been on a single forum where the response was, “you just can”, with no explanation of how. A response that useless is certainly justifiable cause for flaming in most forums I know of.

I’m not sure why your response is here at all. If you read my last post, I already solved the thread, and my directions are much more specific than yours, which are only a little better than Brian’s.

Maybe you guys need to invest in some paid moderators, or re-think whether you really want to help people, and put more effort into your responses(links, screenshots, etc). Oh, and learn to take constructive criticism.

I hope this feedback is helpful to you.




Other customers who contribute here and help other users are not paid for this, and we really really appreciate customers such as @BGanger helping other customers. If you prefer to only receive answers from our actual support team directly, it’s best to directly email us at instead. Glad to see that you were able to resolve the issue.




Without really wanting anyone to relive this thread (lol)…does Gurock plan to change the behaviour of adding a section while a particular folder is selected? It would be nice if the new folder was added to the folder that is currently selected, rather than always adding it to the bottom and having to go drag it back to where you wanted it. Seems pretty intuitive, possibly an easy change, too.


Hi Marci,

Thank you for the post. In this case it depends on if you are creating a section or a subsection. Subsections would always appear under the specific section you are creating them under. Sections on the other hand would not appear under a specific section as they are a new parent. Let me know if this makes sense.


Oh, I see…when you click on a folder in the right-hand panel (folder/tree structure) it doesn’t stay selected. So if I add a section, it has no idea that what I really want to do is add a sub-section under the folder I just selected. I have to do that in the left-hand expanded view. A bit odd, and can be hard to look through if you have a lot of nested folders like we do, but manageable I guess.

Thanks for your response Marty, as always!



Hey Marci,

You are welcome! :slight_smile: