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How to move filtered test cases


I have a bunch of test cases, that were put in the wrong section, so I like to move them.

I create a new section “foo” and filter all test cases, that contains “bar” in the title, so that I can move all filtered one to the new section “foo”.

Unfortunately, when filtered, I do not see the new section, I only see the ones, with the filtered one.

So how can I move now the tests to the new section ?

Hey there,

Thanks for the post. If you’ve successfully filtered all of the test cases you can bulk select them using the top checkbox and then use the bulk edit function to place them in the correct section. With the cases selected, hit the edit button at the top and you’ll see the same fields you would when creating a test case, including the section field. Select the section you want to move them to there and hit update and you’ll be all set. Please note, when using the bulk edit function, any information added into text fields will overwrite any existing data there for all test cases, so you’ll want to make sure not to add any unnecessary information in any of the other fields.

Hope that helps!

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