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How to move AddResult button to the top of the screen?


I have faced some inconvenience while passing through testruns. The point is when I gathered a lot of results for every testcase, I need to scrool for a long to get the bottom buttons panel. Of couse there is another Add Result button when you open a single test case from test run, but I prefer to work with test run screen with expanded right row.
The question is can I customize test run screen to move that button from the bottom to the top of the screen?


Hello Alexander,

Thanks for your posting. It’s currently not possible to change the location of the Add Result button but you can simply use one of keyboard shortcuts instead:

For example, if you use the expanded view (three-pane view), alt+r would open the Add Result dialog for the current test. j/k would navigate between tests. p would mark the current the test etc.

This is even faster than changing the button location and still clicking the button and the new keyboard shortcuts are a central part of the three-pane view feature:

I hope this helps!