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How to move a Test Case from one section to another


within the same Test Suite.

E.g I have one Test Suite Called MyTS which has two sections
Smoke Test and Process Payments.

I have one TC in Smoke Test that I want to move to Process Payments.

I tried the Copy or Move Test Cases option but it seems to move from Test Suite to Test Suite

Any idea!


Hello Roy,

this works by dragging the case and moving it to the desired position in the other section (drag+drop). The icon left to the checkbox of a case is draggable. If you do not see the checkbox and the icon, please make sure that you have the Add/Edit Test Case permissions enabled for your user.

Alternatively, you can change the section of a test case by editing the test case and selecting a different section (in the box with the blue background color).

As you already found out, the Copy or Move Test Cases is only for copying/moving cases between different test suites.