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How to Mirror same test cases contained in same test suite?



Is it possible to mirror or link test cases?


Test Suite A

  • Section A
    – Test Case 1
    – Test Case 2
  • Section B
    – Test Case 1

Is it possible to mirror Test Case 1 in Section A with Test Case 1 in Section B?
Such that editing one, updates the other one as well.

If it’s not supported, will TestRail consider supporting a feature for this?


Hi Alvin,

Thank you for the post. TestRail would not update test cases in the way that you are wanting. Once a test case is copied within a project or copied/moved to another project TestRail gives the test case a new case ID. Once this is done, these two test cases are completely separate from each other.

With that in mind we have had other customers ask for something along these lines and we would be happy to add your vote to this feature request.