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How to migrate testcases and bugs from redmine to test rail



We are thinking of migrating from redmine to test rail.
Let me know the detailed procedure for migration,different ways of migration.




Thanks for your posting. Could you please describe how you are currently using Redmine? I’m asking as most teams using Redmine/TestRail use both products together instead of migrating from Redmine to TestRail. They usually use TestRail for the test management and use Redmine for bug tracking. You can then link both products to integrate them:

Are using Redmine as a test management tool at the moment?



Hi Dennis,

Thanks for the reply,we want to use testrail for both test mgmt and bug reporting.

currently we are using redmine for both activities.

Is there any provision to keep the environment and configuration details in a testsuite?the details are required for the test cases under it.




Thanks for the additional feedback. As TestRail doesn’t have a built-in bug tracking module, it usually makes sense to use both TestRail and Redmine (or a different bug tracking tool). We also have teams using TestRail without a separate bug tracking tool, but this depends on the needs of course. It’s generally possible to import existing test cases using TestRail’s import file format and it’s also possible to convert CSV files to this format:

You can include details about the environment and configuration in a test suite by including this in the test suite description. It’s alternatively also possible to include this in the test run description (if this changes for each test run execution) or you can use TestRail’s configuration feature within test plans.

I hope this helps!



Hi Dennis,

We are moving to Agile Testing/Rolling QA we will be having a drop/sprint every week/month.

We need to execute some of regression cases ,some of previous drop/sprint specific test cases and all of the testcases specific to drop/sprint in that drop/sprint(we have to create milestone for each sprint right?correct me if am wrong)

We need to carry the regression test results from one milestone to another milestone.

We need to track the test case result by Drop/sprint wise,I mean a particular test case passed/failed with milestone details.

How can we do this in testrail,provide me different options if you have many options.




Thanks for the additional feedback. Some teams that use agile methodologies found it useful to use milestones within TestRail to manage actual product releases, and to use test plans in addition to this for iterations/sprints (you can add test plans via the Add Test Plan button in the sidebar of the Test Runs & Results tab). You can start multiple test runs over time for different testing phases and even include test cases in your runs based on the case attributes. It’s also possible to start runs based on previous test runs (e.g. including all failed and untested cases) via the Rerun button on the test run pages.

I hope this helps.