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How to migrate TC from SPiraTest to TestRail


Hi ,

I am not able to migrate a test case which is having multiple test step.

I am importing .xml file in Test rail .

Getting below error although xml tag is fine.




Hi Rajnish,

Thank you for posting! The easiest and best method to import test cases into TestRail would be to use the CSV import wizard. The CSV import wizard is very flexible and intuitive, allowing you to map your CSV columns/fields to TestRail’s fields easily during the import. There isn’t a specific template/format required for the import wizard, so you would just export the test cases from SpiraTest into CSV (or convert the Excel file into CSV if they don’t specifically export into CSV file format), and you can then import them into TestRail from there. You can learn more about the import process on our website here:

I hope this helps!




Thanks John.
I was able to do the same. Thanks Again!!