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How to migrate from trail (old server) version to the latest oficial version (new server)



At my company we tested TestRail and we decided buy it.

During our Trail tests, we entered on scrum and we decidied to start create tests on trail version. We already have a huge amout of tests.

We have trail version “v5.4.1.3669” and we want to install the lastest version (v5.5.1.3746), on a new server, and then migrate de DB.
How can we do this? Is this possible?

Should I:

  1. Update trail version to v5.5.1.3746.
  2. Installl TestRail version v5.5.1.3746 on the new server
  3. Export the TestRail trail and import on the new server??? Is this possible?
    Copy DB from Trail version and apply it in the new server

Please, i need this information ASAP.
Can you help?



Hi Carlos,

Thank you for reaching out! Yes, you should update your trial version on your existing server and then migrate your data to your new server running on 5.5.1. To upgrade TestRail, simply download the latest version from your company’s customer portal account:

Upgrading TestRail is very easy and you basically just need to copy the new files over your existing installation and click through the database upgrade wizard. You should also make a backup of your existing TestRail database before upgrading. You can find the detailed upgrade steps here:

Once the update is successful, you can create another backup and then restore this backup to the new server:

I hope this helps!



Today, I started the upgrade of TestRail, from trail version to the official version.
I copied all files, start IIS and I request the DB upgrade.
Due some reason the upgrade is stuck at:

can you help?



I resolve this with a upgrade via command line.