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How to map TestRail Test Run with a Jira story


Hi Team,

We have a test suite which contains set of common test cases, here each test case is referenced by single or multiple Jira story. When we add a test run for our test suite, we are able to view test results in the respective Jira stories which are being referenced. But the issue which I am observing here is when a test case is referenced by multiple Jira stories and all the test run results for that test case are getting displayed in all the Jira stories which are having the reference!!

My requirements:
We are from B2B team and we integrate our application with multiple Clients / Operators, hence we have common set of test cases which we will test after the integration with the Operators.

As I said, we have set of common integration test cases in Test Rail, and we add / update reference to those Test cases as we create a Jira story for the Operator in the sprint for testing. We create a specific Test runs for every Operator rather than duplicating the test cases. The concern is all the Test runs results are displayed for all the operator specific stories.

I am looking for a way wherein we can map the Test run in Test Rail to specific Jira story?


Yes, I’m looking for that functionality too.

My example is similar - I have multiple Test Runs using the same test case, to test separate JIRA issues. If I edit the Test Case to include all the JIRA references, every test result for that Test Case is displayed in JIRA regardless of whether the test run was for that issue or not.

Seems logical to have issue / reference linking at the Test Run level, not Test Case level.