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How to make test case field REQUIRED


I am able to make fields as required in ‘Test Result’ using UI Script . Is there a way to make fields in ‘Test Case’ as required while adding or editing test cases . I saw some example of hiding fields from test case, but I am interested in making a field as required. For eg. Making fields like MileStone, Estimate or any other custom field as required while editing or adding new test case. If you can provide me an example.


Hello Pradeep,

Thanks for your posting. We currently don’t have an example for this but we will look into this. This may take 1-2 days if that’s okay and I would get back to you then.



HI Tobias,
Thank you for your reply. Sure, few days is ok for us.



Hello Pradeep,

As promised, here’s an example UI script for this:

I hope this helps!



Thank You