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How to make Rally & test rail work together


I have my user stories in Rally (Agile central) but i want to use Test rail for test management as it provides better interface for creating a folder structure to create test suites for respective features and separate execution area where i can pick and choose my tests for execution for a respective milestone.
For traceability is there a way i can link rally user stories to Test rail test cases.


Hi ssinghsol,

Thank you for posting! Yes - you can link test cases to externally stored requirements via TestRail’s references field. You can learn more about the references field on our website here:

TestRail also comes with various reports for requirements and other metrics. For example, you can generate traceability and coverage reports for requirements or defects from the Reports tab. To get the full coverage, you can use the Coverage for References report, and you would be able to include all potential user story IDs within the ‘The following references only’ field of the report options. TestRail would then check those Rally IDs against the IDs within the references field of the test cases to confirm whether there’s full coverage, and let you know which user stories don’t have full coverage.

I hope this helps!



Hi John,

Thanks for the feedback.

So i have this user story in rally whose URL is

Now i have a test case in test rail and if i put this url in the reference field it does not take me to the required user story. It gives me an error.

In the Admin>integration> tab attached screenshot shows the settings i have done. Please advise how to link the user story in rally to test case in test rail.