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How to make a report that includes all projects?

Currently, reports can be created for each project, and within the reports it can be configured by certain criteria (for example, that it takes into account some Test run or all), but I did not find a way to know this globally (that is , grouped by all projects).
More specifically, I need to know how many test cases were run in the month, how many have “Ok” status, how many “Error” and how many “Retest”.

There are no canned reports that go across all projects. Reports are decidedly per project. If you have the server version of Test Rail then you can get a query from the db to do a report or Excel spreadsheet and a pivot table.

There is a way to make a custom report BUT I am not sure how that works or if it can go across all of the projects.

Unfortunately I use the cloud version.
As an alternative way I will make the monthly report for each project and then I will pass it to an Excel.

Thanks for your answer

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