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How to login to Testrail from postman

I am trying to login to Testrail from Postman. I am getting this error. I don’t see much information about this in the api documentation. My aim is after login to account i want to go to “get_users” and access the required details. I don’t see that information either whether i have to pass the parameter in the url or body. Please help me

there is no login and further action…
You have to provide the credentials with every call of an endpoint like get_users.

Not sure if it will work, but your try to login is IMHO already not correct.

@kwirth I am getting this when i try to access with end point get_users. The parameters in the body are correct though. Not sure if they have issues with authentications

Do you use Basic auth in Postman?
Probably this will help:

I can’t remember in detail how I did so in the past, sorry…

I double checked the username and password and both are correct. also i tried to login using the API key as well. I am getting the same error when i use API key

Sorry, as mentioned before I can’t check it myself.
Usually it is because of a missing user/pwd at the call. Probably somebody else can help.

Just to check some last things (probably silly, sorry):

  • Did you really put in the credentials at the Authorization tab?
  • Is the Rest-API active? (Would reuslt in a different error…)
  • Did you try get_projects as well. Get_users probably needs admin privs.

Otherwise I’m out.


  1. Make sure you are doing something beyond index.php… e.g.

  2. username and password do not go into the body, rather these go to the headers or authorization section like @kwirth suggested. Use the authorization tab, choose basic auth, and you can enter your username and password there…


@Edo Thank you so much, it’s working when i pass the User name and Password to authorization section

Thanks @Edo,

it seems I wasn’t able to be precise enough in my explanation.