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How to log XML data into webbrowser?


I could log XML as source, but I would like to use
the built in explorer component to view XML with that.
Is it possible ? I have tried to trick it into that with
LogHTML but that didn’t do the trick.



Hello Attila,

LogHtml and the corresponding Web Viewer in the Console are currently only capable of displaying HTML content. But it’s a nice idea to add support for XML and we will consider adding an option to the Web Viewer to switch between various formats. Thanks for the idea!



any news on this issue? I need the same feature.



Hello Jörg,

Thanks for your posting.

The recommended way to log XML data with SmartInspect is to use the LogXmlSource method family. The LogHtml method (and the corresponding web viewer) is not capable of displaying XML data. The web viewer uses the Internet Explorer control to display the html data and if I recall correctly, there were a few problems which prevented us from adding this option. I reopened the case in our feature request tracker and we will look into it again.



The recommended way to log XML data with SmartInspect is to use the LogXmlSource method family.[/quote]
Did I miss something? Currently I use:


Although the SourceViewer does some nice highlighting, what I really miss is the pretty-printing. So a possibility to open the XML-String in the Internet Explorer (as an external application) would be OK for me (as a workaround).



Hello Jörg,

Oops, sorry, I meant LogSource with the siXml parameter. Thanks for the idea with the external application. I think this would be a great addition (maybe also for the other viewers). We will see what we can do in this regard.