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How to link TR results to JIRA ticket


How do I link results in TestRail to JIRA?

This is what I see in JIRA


You have to add the JIRA Ticket number in the references field e.g. in the screenshot below you will see my JIRA ticket number:

This assumes you have correctly configured the project. It will show up like this:



Jamie is correct. The For Tests tab will show tests that are linked via the Defects field. The For Cases tab will show test cases that are linked via the References field.


I have been using TR with Jira successfully.
Recently we added a Space in JIRA (additional project). TR plugin is not working with this space.
Please advise.


Hello Hagay,

Thanks for your reply, and apologies for the delayed response! It’s likely just that you have the add-on disabled for this new project (as you might have set a specific project selection in the add-on configuration previously). You can check this in the add-on configuration page (from within the manage add-ons administration area). You would just need to be sure to include the new project in the add-on settings and this should work again. Hope this helps!