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How to link to files on a local drive or server (IE, Chrome & Firefox)


I would like to link from my test cases to documents which are stored on a local drive or server (e.g. D:\Docs\text.txt). the solution needs to be applicable for IE, Chrome & Firefox. I tried a lot of different ways by using “file:…/…” but was not successful so far.


Hi Ingo, We are also having the same issue. We are not able to get the link to be valid.


We do UNC paths and try to keep no files local since others could potentially test. UNC paths are used to get things like import files but the paths do need to be copied/pasted.

Only other way is the Attachments process they use that creates a link marrying the file to the case id and the file resides at the location in the setup of Test Rail.


I found the format required for the links.
However each browser needs it own format and Chrome and Firefox need in addition an Addon as well:

Internet Explorer

Chrome Addon e.g. “Enable local file links” required

FireFox Addon e.g. “Local Filesystem Links” required