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How to link TestRun with Jira?


Dear Gurock Team!

Can you help us, how we can link the TestRun with the TestRail?

And, we have a problem with showing tes results and test cases in JIRA - they’re just absent.

Best wishes,


Hi Denys!

Thanks for your posting. I assume you’ve already set up the TestRail JIRA add-on, is this correct?

TestRail would show two different types of results in the TestRail: Results panel on the JIRA issue page.

It would show all results in test runs of those test cases that are linked to the JIRA issue via the References field (on the case level). It would also show results linked via the Defects field on the Add Test Result dialog. In both cases, you can simply add the JIRA issue ID to the field (Defects/References) and TestRail would automatically show the test results on the TestRail: Results panel.

This is also explained in the blog posting above, but please let me know in case you have any further questions!



Dear Tobias!

Yes, we’ve installed the addon, and TestRail has already succesfully pushed the defects to the JIRA, created issues and after adding link to the reference field it shows the small info window after covering it.

But, in Jira, we see nothing in the TestRails fields.
What could it be?

Best wishes,


Hello Denys,

Thanks for your posting. This is likely a HTTPS vs HTTP issue. I see that your JIRA uses HTTPS and I assume that your TestRail installation uses regular HTTP, can you confirm this? The problem is that web browsers would refuse to load frames if the host application is using HTTPS (JIRA in this case), and the framed pages aren’t (TestRail in this case). Browsers refuse to load such pages due to security reasons, as this could be confusing to users otherwise. You would simply need to configure the web server that runs TestRail to use HTTPS as well, and the add-on pages will work with all browsers correctly then.

I hope this helps!



Dear Tobias,

Thanks - the issue was, that our TestRail server was using HTTP and HTTPS for different projects/teams.
A little cooperation, and all’s become to an HTTPS.

But, there are another question! :smile:

When we create Test Run, we need to link it to the existing issue in the JIRA, but we didn’t found the button for one.
We can link EACH case from TestRun to any link, if we open the case, but it’s not pretty useful though.

Is there any possibility to link TestRun with all the cases to one, already existing issue in JIRA?

Best Wishes,


Great to hear that it works now :smile:

Happy to help with your other question: you can link issues either via the References field on the test case level or via the Defects field of the test results (on the Add Result dialog). The References field is mostly used to link cases to requirements/user stories/features etc. in JIRA. The Defects field on the other hand is commonly used to report issues/bugs to JIRA and link them to TestRail. You can also conveniently add/push new JIRA issues directly from TestRail via TestRail’s defect plugins (which you already use I believe):

I hope this helps!



Hi! sorry to enter this topic :slight_smile:

We asked for the same feature, being able to link TEST RUNS in JIRA tickets.
Not testcases (this is already possible with reference field), but Test Runs.

To be able to reuse testcases in several succesive testruns, this is a MAJOR feature to have :frowning:

we need to reference a JIRA ticket in the testrun creation.

I come back to forum from time to time to see if by any chance this feature has been implemented… but not being lucky yet :wink:



Hi Fred,

Thanks for your feedback! We still have plans to look into this but don’t have any timeframes/ETA that we can provide just yet as we’re still in the planning phases for this. Feel free to keep an eye on our blog as well as we always publish a new post with each release that details the new features/changes to TestRail:

Hope this helps!