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How to link testrail test run results to JIRA

Hi Luis,

Thanks for the feedback. I’ve added your vote as well.


This is something we sorely need and would help win people over and get us to manage our tests using TestRail.

Surfacing test run progress from a test plan within a single JIRA ticket would be mind blowing.

Please add my vote!

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Hi Steve,

Thanks for the vote! I have added your vote to the feature request to be able to link test runs in TestRail to Jira issues for greater progress tracking and easier product management.


Please add my vote too. It is a bare minimum requirement for the release management.
I see this thread is open from 2015 and no action other than counting the votes.
I am afraid, TestRail is not an open source test management system.

Hi @Lekshmy,

Thanks for the vote! I have added your vote to this feature request. We definitely understand how additional features and enhancements to the Jira integration would help teams be more efficient.

While we do not have a public roadmap to be able to share, we do keep track of feature requests by TestRail users and votes do help guide our product development.


Hi, It would be great to have, please add my vote.


Every day we do a quick test or flightcheck of a software. These quick tests can be performed by anyone in the project team. The result is then sent to all project participants via email.
If you could see the result of the test run in a Jira ticket it would save a lot of work. Because everyone can see the result in the jira project.



I’d like to also throw my vote in for this.

Please add my vote. Hoping this vote will tip the scales and get this on the implementation track!!

Hi kmplant30,

I’m happy to report that being able to link a test run to Jira is actually already available. This was released with a recent version of TestRail. You can find out more about that release here:

Keep in mind you will need to make sure both TestRail and the TestRail for Jira add-on is updated.

Hello Team,

While trying to use this feature, we are still not able to add reference to the test runs created inside of a test plan.
Can you please help with this.

PS- it works fine when using a test run outside of a test plan


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Hi vtran,

Please see the last post on this thread by Ankit,
We are experiencing the same issue - when trying to link a Jira issue with a Testrail Test run built under a Test Plan (using “Reference” field) there is no Testrail info shown on Jira side.
Standalone Test run linkage works just fine.

Also - do you have a feature request for allowing Test plan level to a Jira issue? (having reference field in Test plan level, not only on Test run level)

We are using the latest Testrail version




Welcome to the TestRail Community !

Just checked in the log that it’s an open issue and our team is working on a fix.
No exact ETA on a release for this yet. However, I will keep you posted.


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Thank you very much Sahnu

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Hello Team,

Do you have any update on this?


Hey Ankit,

References should work now (for standalone test runs and test runs inside a test plan).

If you’re still experiencing any issues, please let me know.