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How to link testrail test run results to JIRA


Add my vote as well.


Please add my vote as well! This feature is much needed! I have worked at two companies that use Testrail and both have had the need to link testrail testplans to a jira ticket! Its such an obvious use case.

Thank you


ditto - add me to the voter roll. i have an issue type called ‘release ticket’ and i want to link my test run to this ticket - helpful for audit process


We have been using Testrail and recently moved to Jira.

We’re trying to give our team a clearer view of how QA work is progressing, and management wants this insight too so we can easily track progress on our Kanban board.

When we’re testing functionality (as opposed to bug fixes), linking a few test cases isn’t sufficient – for a complex new feature, there might be a few hundred test cases in play, and attaching them all to Jira ticket doesnt make sense.

What would be great would be the ability to link “Story” or “Epic” tickets in Jira to Test Runs or Test Plans, so the tracking ticket could display progress % and any failures.


This feature gets my vote too, in our case this will provide us a complete view of feature development and testing, we will be able to track the testing along with the feature story while multiple QA folks working on testing multiple features.


We need this feature too. In some cases we have 15-20 test cases for a JIRA; this crowds up the JIRA if we show all test cases. It will be really helpful to link test run instead of test cases so there is just 1 link sitting in test cases area.



I need this feature as well. I can easily see the Test Case from jira by referencing it but the Tnnnnn results direct me back to the test case as well and I would really like to go to the results page. Sometimes people forget to add milestone to results and I have to look for each Test run to edit to add that. Having that link available in jira would be great, take me right to the Test Run.


This would be a very beneficial feature for me, too. Right now, we have to link our test runs automatically with our tickets, as most of them require repeated use of test cases for regression purposes, and cannot all have the same ticket number associated with them. It would be a massive improvement to our auditing if test runs are available to be integrated.


Another vote for this feature for the same reason as many others have listed, reusing test cases for regression. If anyone has ideas on how to get around this, please feel free to send me a message. Thanks!


This one gets my vote too. This is one feature which is increasingly being sought.


My vote here as well! Anything new on this ?



My vote for this feature! I need to link test run to one jira issues which represents ‘change request’ and may consist of hundreds of test cases


Hi Viktor,

Your vote (along with any previous votes) has been added.



Hi @jon.reynolds,

Is there any kind of open JIRA board where we can see features backlogs and whats in development and whats dropped? And even better if users can vote on which features they want to prioritise.



Hi @gavril ,

Like many software companies (e.g. Atlassian/JIRA and others), we don’t publish our roadmap publicly as we prefer not to overpromise and underdeliver. We have an internal issue tracker that we use to track these feature requests and customer feedback, and in our experience having this information public just adds to the frustration when a feature isn’t implemented on the next version. The majority of new features/changes to TestRail have been based on customer feedback, and there are many factors (with the biggest factor being customer feedback) that goes into prioritizing various feature requests. In general, we work on many features in parallel, and when a feature is ready we implement it on the next version. Throughout this process priorities can change, and so we prefer not to specify any timeframes for this reason.

You can also always subscribe to our blog to keep an eye out for updates, as we would always publish a new post with each new release that details all of the new features/changes to TestRail:



Hi @jon.reynolds,

I understand that overpromise and underdeliver are bad for customer experience. But staying in the dark is worst in my opinion. Also about frustration, what do you think people feel when they found something not to their liking, do some search in this forum and found that someone else have raise the same issue years ago and still not implemented?

TestRail is a private company in the end, so you have your own policy, I get it. But it would be nice to have some sort of visibility on the improvements and bug fixes. Maybe I’m just too used to open-source community too expect things like these as the norms.

But I really appreciate your reply, and hope TestRail will keep growing. We just start using it recently and it works great so far. Hope we can have a great relationship and prosper together.



for us this feature would be very helpful as well. Is there any news on when this feature could come to life?


Hi Ingo,

We do not currently have a release date for this feature. That said, I did add your vote as well which will help us priorities internally.


We also need this feature a lot. For releases, we do regression testing and what stakeholders are mostly interested in is not which particular test case failed, but the overall progress and % of pass/fail. Please add my vote.


Hi Ania,

Thanks for the feedback! I’ve added your vote to this feature request as well.