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How to link one case to another

If i have one test case which is somehow link to another case. How i can do it ?

You can link a case description with another (or other entity) by adding [Cxxx] to a richt text field (where xxx is the id of the related case)

at “Rich-text formatting”.

But be aware, it is not a dynamic link if you want to create sequences.
From within a test (instance of the first case) you will still link to the case description of the second on. Means, on adding a result for test 1 you will be reditrected to the case decription of 2 if clicking on the link.

Thanks kwirth.

If i add [Cxxx] in a reference field of one test case, it does not link to another test case.

But if add [Cxxx] in a Description field of one test case, it does link to another test case.

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Yeah, as mentioned in the referred doc, it is just available in Text fields.

The reference Field is used for integration purposes only.

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@Parthiv14 That’s correct. Thanks @kwirth for your response.


Thank u so much for taking time to help.

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