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How to limit test rail execution result in JIRA tickets


Hi there,

I am transitioning the test team to use Test Rail and currently setting up JIRA and defining the process.

We are in AGILE and many of our test cases evolves with each iteration (I am not keen on creating a new test case when we need to make changes).

The problem with this:
When a test case is linked to story 123 as a reference (at Iteration 40) and the test case is updated to cater for story 124 (at Iteration 41), when we execute the test cases in Iteration 41, story 123 will be updated with the current result too.

Is there a way to limit the test result to go to a linked JIRA stories i.e. Story 123 shouldn’t include the latest test run?

Is there a way to limit the test result to go only to the latest linked JIRA stories (say 124) and Story 123 shouldn’t include the latest test run?

Thank, Lily


Hi Lily,

Thanks for your posting. TestRail will always just use the linked issues in the References field to determine the links between JIRA & TestRail. So, if you add new results (in existing or new test runs) and the case is still linked to issue 123, the results will also be shown in JIRA for this issue. You can either remove the link to issue 123 if you no longer need the result in JIRA, or you can create a copy of the case and link 124 to the new case. The second option is sometimes combined with TestRail’s baseline feature which allows you create copies of the case repository to keep track of multiple versions in parallel:



Thank you for the reply.