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How to know when client are done testing; messaging


In the process of sending the test plans to our clients for testing, what is the best way to have them trigger that they are done working the plan?

Feature Request:
I would really like an encapsulated way that developers and testers can communicate with the system. A bit like todos, but for messages.

  • Clients can send a message or questions on particular items. (I know you can reassign the items, but that seems more permanent than simply posting to an activity stream or comments that appear along the projects or plans)
  • Developers can send pings out their testers asking for interaction, estimates, etc.

Something simple that could send out a notice to email, or not. Like basecamp, but targeted for testing.

Or how about the aboility to interface with something like basecamp or other messaging/collaboration service? Do you have nay recommendations along those lines?




Hello Mike,

Thanks for the feedback. I found this suggestion interesting and we have had a few other requests for slightly similar “workflows” before (e.g. assigning “tasks” or to-dos other than specific tests). We will definitely consider incorporating such a message feature when/if we extend the current to-do functionality. In your particular case, would those messages/comments usually be linked to specific entity such as a test case or test run?

For now we would suggest using your issue tracker (or project management tool) for communication between developers and testers and to assign tasks, as this is usually the system both the testers and developers have access to. We also generally recommend using TestRail together with a bug/issue tracker to track bugs and raised issues.

I hope this helps.



Yes, the workflow idea is an important one to us since we work with clients and often non-technical testers. In many cases, they need guidance on how to do stuff and what the process is to get things done. Workflow tools can help guide them in the desired process.

A client question might be linked to a particular test case, or run, but the current reassignment functionality could do that. Maybe using the Blocked status to ask a question and then performing the test once the question is answered.

I was also thinking of overall, when the tester is done, there should be a way to signify “I am done” to the developers. Since the tester can edit the tests when all have been done, there could be a field that the tester uses to indicate to the test run/plan creator that the tester is done. An email or todo can be generated.

We do use a bug tracker. We’re migrating from mantis to jira, using both simultaneously right now. But both are restrictive in sending a quick message that asks a simple question of procedure. Bu/issue trackers required the users to fill our a lot of extraneous details that, quite frankly, becomes a burden for them and a barrier to actually submitting the information.



Hi Mike,

Thanks for the additional feedback. I agree that having additional messaging/task functionality would be useful for this. One note regarding questions and messages for specific tests: it’s also already possible to write comments for a test and/or assign a test without specifying the status. You wouldn’t necessarily need to set Blocked status for this, but it could make sense to do this in order to indicate that the test needs more information / clarification of course.

As I mentioned, we will consider incorporating these suggestions in future feature updates and we’ve added the notes to our feature request list.