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How to know number of Test steps in a testcase


Hello Admin,

I am new to testrail, I have config to have steps in my testcase, so for each test case i can have up to 7 teststeps. How can I know number of steps in each test case without not going into the test case.

Example: I have 50 test case and each test case have mixture of 3 to 8 test steps, How will i know number of test step for all my 50 test case.

Request Feature: Test report on test step Passed/Failed Report.

Many Thanks,


Hello Ola,

Thanks for your posting. We recommend using the separated steps control for entering steps in a structured way:

Or are you already using this?



Hello Tobias,

Thanks for your reply.

I am already using the structure, but I dont want to open the test case to know how many test steps in the test case. So is there a report or where i can identify number of steps per test case.



Hello Ola,

Thanks for the additional details. There’s currently no dedicated report for this but you could use the print views/reports of the test suite/repository to quickly go through your test case list (including all details including steps).




We had the same problem and i fixed this by defining test case creation standard.

We agreed on the terms with teamleads how one test case should look like and generally speaking this should be part of any department who is dealing with quality.



The way we have found to solve this problem is to create a new Case Field in Administration / Customizations. Call this field ‘Number of Steps’ or something similar, make sure its value is set to Integer and give it a system name of something like ‘no_of_steps’. Add it for all your projects and make it a required field. Now when anyone creates a test case they will have to detail (manually) the number of test steps, note that this will have to be updated manually going forward if the number of test steps changes for that test case.

Now in your Test Case view click on the edit columns button and add a column for this new Number of Steps field. And you will see this number of steps in the case from a higher level. I know this isn’t ideal but its the best workaround I could think of.

Still wanting a way to report on the individual pass/fail status of each test step…

Hope this makes sense.



Hello Will,

Thanks for sharing this. This sounds good but involves some overhead as you mentioned. We will make sure to look into ways to make this simpler (the same goes for reporting for the steps).