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How to know if Jira has 'TestRail: Results' in it through JiraAPI or TestRail API

We have testrail integration with jira working properly (i.e we have one fallback user added in testrail appliance & added testrail addon installed in our jira cloud). I am able to see testrail testcases & their results/status from jira. (see below pic of jira showing status of testrail testcases)

Now as an automation engineer , I want to know that from list of jiras (jql giving me some 700/800 jiras in response) , how many jiras have this blank ‘TestRail: Results’ component .
I want to do this as I want to find out all those jiras , which are not having testrail results attached to it . (i.e no data under ‘TestRail: Results’ component) & want to report them automatically through script .

Any suggestion would be highly appreciated

@tgurock any info about this ?

Just as as FYI - The Tobias brothers are no longer with the company. Not sure if notifications go to someone else but I doubt it…

I see . Thanks for information . Just want to know , if anyone knows , whom should I ping to get prompt response ?

The Was the work around in another discussion

Thanks for the reply . I see in linked discussion jira-queries-for-stories-missing-testrails-tests , people are talking about fetching list of jira’s , which doesn’t have testrail test cases attached within . Reading above thread further , I came to know that this is somewhat doable from testrail’s side (using testrail’s report feature) , however I want to identify jira’s , which has no data for ‘TestRail: Results’ section (i.e no tests are executed for this jira) . There can be testcases attached to that jira , however those testcases may not have been executed . I want to find out such jiras . There is a difference between testcase & its execution result. I am interested in testcase execution result