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How to keep TestRail and JIRA in sync?



we have the following problem/scenario, we like to know, whether an answer is existing.

A tester creates a JIRA ticket based on a failed test and all information entered in TestRail is now send to JIRA and the ticket is now created (fine :slight_smile: ).

Shortly after, the tester finds some more information or realized somehow, that the entered information in the result was wrong and edit the result.

Problem is now, that the JIRA ticket is out of date.

Also if the tester is adding a new result/comment to the test stating the erroneous result, there is no way to ensure, that JIRA is up dated.

Is there any way to do this besides the tester changing manually TestRail result AND JIRA ticket ?


i now see that when opening the test view in JIRA, all information (the edit version) is shown, but not in the comment field of JIRA.

this is somehow ok, but still, it would be preferable to have the comment field updated.

The most important question is actually:

How to add more information to an existing JIRA Ticket…

considering the following flow:

Test fails --> JIRA ticket is opened --> developer marks JIRA ticket as implemented --> Tester retests --> still the same error --> Tester wants to mark the ticket as not done and add information to it (from the retest).

So how to make that the information from the retest appears on the same ticket ?


In my understanding of the TestRail-JIRA integration, the integration from TestRail to JIRA is one way, single use i.e. it won’t synchronise changes past the first push to create the defect. From that point forward any changes will have to be manually done in JIRA. In the case of a retest it’s not very significant effort (as there will be a link in the JIRA ticket to both test runs) so it’s probably sufficient for the tester to comment something along the lines of “retest failed, see linked test run”.
In case of the test itself being updated, it might be worth considering pushing a new defect out with the updated test case, closing the old ticket and linking the JIRA tickets together.


Try to link your testrail test case with JIRA ticket and also link jira ticket to test case. Hopefully this will resolve the problem.


unfortunately not, as @ozaidenvorm_tal stated, it is a one-way integration, so the linking and therefore information sharing is done once when the link is created, but not updated, when one of the links change

i think this is probably the way to go - thanks for that