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How to integrate trigger.ui to trigger.php if your trigger.php is present in different server location?


please provide solutions


Thanks for your posting! The standard trigger.ui/trigger.php example was designed for the same server location but you can change the UI script to trigger a script on a different server. Instead of triggering the script via JavaScript/Ajax, you would need to do this with a standard link or other means that are supported for cross-server interactions.

I would recommend looking into this with a developer on your team as the implementation depends on your environment and setup.



Does Testrail support any safer way to trigger test automation? :disappointed_relieved:

“trigger script” will not be not protected at all by the way below to trigger “trigger script” from Testrail web UI
url: "trigger.php?run_id=" +,

Then, whoever have the URL of “trigger script”. This way turn out is just a web client side solution that is very premature.
I doubt you will just use this “wide open” way for your own test automation system.


Hi Rebbew,

Thanks for your reply! In general, you would need to implement any security for this trigger script on the server where the script is hosted in case you’d like additional restrictions for this. We also typically don’t recommend this approach (triggering via the UI), and most customers trigger their automated tests outside of TestRail either manually, scheduled, or via a continuous integration system. They then use TestRail’s API to submit the test results to TestRail, and this is the most robust and recommended method. Hope this helps!